Need your sales page reviewed? Want someone to write those blogs and emails? All your business's content and copy needs are covered with Copy Brewers!

Better Marketing for Founders, Creatives, and Leaders

Marketing and messaging doesn't have to leave you chasing to-do lists or struggling to be heard in a world full of Mad Libs marketing. 

  • Email lists and lead generation
  • Blogging and content creation
  • Social media and visibility
  • Connections and sales conversations
  • Tech and automations

They work and your business needs them. They also can be...a lot.

I believe adults work, learn, and create differently, just like we did as kids. The business world ignores that...which stinks, because it kills creativity and leaves a ton of progress and profit on the table.

The Muchology Method helps you build your marketing layer by layer to create systems that work for your goals, your brain, and your business!

Available Products

Content Creation System

My simple, can't-mess-it-up Content Creation System gives you all the frameworks and strategies you need to consistently create content that sells. You won't have to sit and wonder what to talk about each day and it never requires a perfectly detailed 52 week content calendar!

This is a recording from a live're able to dive in right away!

Quiz for Your Biz

Quizzes are powerful. People love them and you end up with amazing personalized info to help follow up with people better than ever.

But if you've never made a quiz before, there are about a million questions on the tech, emails, and other to-dos. In these recorded workshops, we'll work through all of it together in 4 weeks.

Better Welcome Sequences Workshop

Why spend all that time, money, and effort to grow your audience with the hope of making sales, just to miss out on connecting after? This is what you need to finally get a welcome sequence that works up and running, even if you don't have a list yet!

Pricing and Packaging for Profit

Whether you're launching new products, have a whole round of offers, or are just starting out, you need to take the time to get your pricing right. I have speadsheets for that! 

This includes a pre-recorded training to walk you through each step!

The Mini-Launch Formula

Big launches can be big pay days, but sometimes it's just not for you. Maybe you want a cash influx or you just want to take business the "little-bit-every-day" way, instead of the feast and famine (and lack of sleep) of the ginormous launch.

Whatever it is, you can take it in chunks AND make special pushes. Make some cash without launching so hard you need coffee in an IV. No excuses, no worries.

Quizzes 101 Workshop

Maybe you've thought how wonderful it would be to create a custom quiz that brings in new leads, but you've never made a quiz before and you're stuck on how to figure out all the details. Let's change that! We'll cover everything you need to know to dive in and get started.

**This is a recording of a 1 hour Live introduction to quizzes I presented that you can access immediately!**

Launch Your Online Workshop

Live workshops are the perfect way to find what your people need and give it to them, quickly and simply. I'll share how I find a topic, set up the tech, market it well, and how to repurpose all of it over and over for even more ROI.

These are recordings and materials from a 7-day bootcamp, ready for you right now!

Side Hustle Quick Start

Five ways you can set up to earn money online right now: I rounded up the action steps and tools I'd use if I needed a simple side hustle to bring in some fast cash flow.

Whatever you're facing, I want to help you make some cash without over-complicating things. Let's get started!

This is a *free* recording from a Live Workshop I ran.

Funnel Overhaul Sessions

Feel like your marketing strategy and systems could use an overhaul?

Grab 1-on-1 time with Christen to maximize your sales and lead generation (while still loving what you do). Includes follow-up support for 30 days as you get things done!

Sales Page Review

Have a landing page or sales page that needs some shine?

I'll go through it and record a personal video full of the tweaks and shifts I would make to it. It's the fast, cost-friendly, and really, really effective way to bump your page to DIY+Pro!

Pocket CMO: Muchology Marketing

For if you've said "I wish someone would just tell me what to do" when you sat down to handle your marketing 😃

    You'll work with me 1-on-1 and get all the resources, strategy, and accountability to build a marketing system that is a good fit for your business and how you want to show up in your work each day. Perfect for solopreneurs, creatives, or teams!

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