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Pocket CMO: Muchology Marketing

Need someone on your side, day-by-day, making sure all the marketing and tech things are clear, working, and getting done?

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I love writing. I know how to run a really effective launch. I can teach anyone pretty much any tech (promise!). I'm a generalist who knows your business can do what works without doing exactly what everyone else is doing. 

I've been doing this digital marketing thing for over a decade and you and I are going to lay out a clear plan, chip away at those frustrations, and make things happen. You get to grow your business in a way that makes sense for you and your goals. 

Here's how that works:

💻  All of my tools and workshops that cover content creation systems, funnels, tech, quizzes, blogging, pricing, and more!

💡 Marketing strategy calls with you and/or your team. 

📋  Messages throughout the week to answer questions, encourage, and generally make sure things are getting done. My team and I will even check in daily, if it helps!

✨ Tech Help Desk hours with me to solve all the headaches of platforms not connecting or settings not listening to you.

❤️ Copy reviews and recorded feedback from me! And I'll explain the whys and hows, so you'll learn. [3 business day turnaround]

🖊️ Copywriting and tech work by me! I'll dive in and help bring a project for your marketing roadmap to life. (For "All-the-Things" tier only, although all tiers get a nice discount on other work, too!)

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This is designed to work with and for you (or your team)! It's not a blocked out calendar, a journal, and a pat on the back.

It's not coaching. Coaching is great, I'm just not a business coach. I'm a marketing specialist and a teacher!

And to get started, you and I will make your Custom Marketing Audit and Growth Plan as a bonus!

We identify and map out your goals, gaps, and frustrations. Then I'll personally review your current set up and gather up my suggestions. Finally, we’ll have a strategy call to break things down into manageable stepping stones, recommend resources and books, and brainstorm tools and systems that fit how you work and think.

Pocket CMO is a great option for:

Solopreneurs and Creatives who need someone to make things manageable

Partners who need to split up duties and make things flow

Or I can keep an eye on an intern or new hire and make sure they have all the support and knowledge they need!


Ready to do this?

There are three tiers of Pocket CMO...take a look and see which one is the best fit for you and your business!

The Basics  Quarterly 1-on-1 marketing strategy calls Personal support via messaging throughout the week Tech Help Desk 3 Copy Reviews a month All of my workshops and tools  $495/month $4950/annual savings Bonus - VIP day with me in Ireland, if you pick the annual payment option!The Foundations  Monthly 1-on-1 marketing strategy calls Personal support via messaging throughout the week Tech Help Desk Unlimited Copy Reviews! All of my workshops and tools  $925/month $9250/annual savings Bonus - 2-day retreat in Ireland, if you pick the annual payment option!

All-the-Things  Quarterly half-day strategy sessions with me Monthly 1-on-1 marketing strategy calls One day of my copywriting or tech services a quarter Personal support via messaging throughout the week Tech Help Desk Unlimited Copy Reviews! All of my workshops and tools  $1675/month $16750/annual savings Bonus - 4-day retreat in Ireland, if you pick the annual payment option!

(The Annual Savings gets you 1-on-1 time with me in Ireland and two months free!)

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Pocket CMO is a 3-month commitment to make sure we get you a really solid start. It switches to month-to-month after that! 

Note: All-the-Things quarterly strategy calls take the place of a monthly call that month, leaving 4 quarterly half-days and 8 monthly calls in total.

Grab the whole year at once and come visit me in Ireland for a 1-on-1 retreat in a castle!

I'll pick you up at the airport, plan everything, and set up childcare if you need it. And if you choose The Foundations or All-the-Things, your hotel room and dinners are on me!

Get the marketing you want to reach clients you love in the time you actually have.


What if I need help with some of the marketing work itself? Will you do write our blogs or handle our newsletter, that kind of thing?

Sure! We can add on things like weekly blog support or a new funnel build, whatever you need. If we do, you get a client discount on any of that work, too!

There are some tasks where it's either better for your budget or your goals to bring in a VA or another team member. If that's the case, I'll tell you and I'll help make it happen as part of my job as your Pocket CMO.

No matter what, we'll map all of this out together in your Audit and Marketing Plan when we get started.

PLUS - Don't forget that if you're in the All-the-Things tier, you get one day of my copywriting or tech services a quarter to use on any of your projects!

How many team members does this cover?

I'm happy to work with a team of about any size. I expect the business owner to be involved in the major strategy meetings and most of the monthly planning calls. The day-to-day support and access to training is there for up to three team members who are most in control of the marketing work on the to-do list. I'm also happy to include a larger team in goal setting and planning.

If you would like that 1-on-1 support and access for more than the owner and three team members, I have a discounted seat rate of $135 a month per team member.

What if I can't make it to Ireland? 

No worries! We can coordinate a virtual retreat. If you want to curl up at home or go away somewhere close to you, I'll help make that happen and you and I can meet over Google Meet!

How do the Copy Reviews work? 

Turn-around time is 2-3 business days, they're completed/delivered one at a time (so once one is done, the next one's 2-3 days can start), and they can be used on anything! Facebook posts,  blogs, lead magnets, sales pages, video scripts, you name it.

What courses and tools will I have access to? 

You can take a look here at everything that's listed. I have a bank of past workshops that I don't offer to the public, too!

The most popular tools are my Content Creation System, that gives you a structured way to brainstorm, track, and share great content, and my Muchology Marketing Method, which is a set of marketing tasks and simple points system to make sure you always know what to tackle that day, even if you're short on time or attention!

Have a marketing or tech question you don't see covered? No worries. I'll create a training and add it to the resources.


PS - Have coaching clients, an accelerator, or startup group? I can do a private and customized version at a discount for multiple companies! I always offer referral and affiliate pay, as well.

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