Need your sales page reviewed? Want someone to write those blogs and emails? All your business's content and copy needs are covered with Copy Brewers!

Sales Page Review

Have a landing page or sales page that needs some shine?

You'll get a screen recording with our feedback, any resources or examples we think you need, and a detailed plan to improve your page before sending it out in the world!

This is the perfect way to take a DIY sales page and step things up, whether it’s a brand new offer or you want to freshen up something you’ve been selling for a while. 

You’ll be able to send messages back and forth to get clarification and ask questions as you make revisions, too!



What if my page isn't done yet?

Not a problem. You can send in just the copy or give me access to the draft! (If you need help figuring out the draft/preview access, just let me know.)

How is this different than hiring you to do the sales page?

Well, it's at least 5x cheaper :) But it's also just a better fit for some people. You may not need someone to take the whole process off your hands, but that doesn't mean that a good round of professional feedback can't make a huge difference in the end results!

Will you send me new copy or fix things?

No, this is advice only! I'll probably share a few ideas for phrasing in the feedback, but you won't receive any hands-on copywriting or technical deliverables. (If you need that, though, just ask! I have packages for that kind of work, too.)

Is this for a new offer or product that's already live?

Either! There's never a bad time to improve your copy and layout. The type of feedback may be a bit different, but always based on what you need right then.

What kinds of offers does this help with?

Anything that has a main selling point and a clear call-to-action. Coaching package, subscription box, in-person retreat, free summit sign-up, you name it!

Still have questions? You can always email at!

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