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Launch Your Online Workshop

Live workshops are the perfect way to find what your people need and give it to them, quickly. And you can do it without spending a ton of money or time making it happen, even if you've never tackled it before.

I'll share the way that I find a topic, set up the tech (it's simple stuff, promise!), and market it so that I get people interested. Plus, we'll talk about how to repurpose the work you do over and over again so that it brings even more ROI.

The focus will be for ONLINE workshops, and it works in just about every single industry. Even if you can't do your main service (like say, changing brakes), you have topics you can teach your audience about and build the platform that brings you more profit all year long.

Whether you're looking at how to pivot in a tough time, need to build some buzz for a big launch, are growing your audience, or want to test a new offer, this works. Well.

You need this in your tool belt. It's single-handedly changed my business. It's how I test every new course idea and get new leads consistently.

(Plus - I used to be a teacher. I'll spill the beans on how to keep people engaged and smiling without losing control of the room!)


You'll be able to put it on your calendar and make things happen!

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Make some cash or get new leads without over-complicating things. Everything you need is right here! No excuses to not give it a go :)

You'll be able to watch everything in 20-30 minutes per day, plus some application time...promise!



  1. A clear framework for picking topics your people can't wait to sign up for and that will deliver them golden-testimonial-worthy results.
  2. Marketing strategies to fill your spots, whether you're using your list, just starting one, working with other pros, or have no clue where to begin yet.
  3. All the tech you need, and the how-tos and support to keep you from spending 30 hours on Youtube how-to rabbit holes. There's a free option for every tool, so no worries here!
  4. Swipe files, sales page layouts, social media post prompts, email templates, and even my plug-and-play workshop set up so that you can take my work, put in your brilliance, and get things moving.
  5. My teaching, writing, and influence know-how to keep people engaged, help them learn, build great relationships, and provide an overall amazing experience while delivering top-notch results.

NEED HELP? Don't worry. I'm only an email away :)

PS - I had a strategy call with a client who launched her coaching business within that month with our help. The only lead generation she'd done were private online workshops using this template and my email templates...she'd grown her list to just under 100 people and sold over $3500 of follow-up support.

It's not a typical startup story and I can't promise you hundreds of leads this month or any particular amount of money :) Usually, you start with 5, 10, maybe 20 people at a time, which is still awesome...but she was brand new to it and it's pretty inspiring, isn't it?

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