Need your sales page reviewed? Want someone to write those blogs and emails? All your business's content and copy needs are covered with Copy Brewers!

Side Hustle Quick Start

Quick and simple action steps for anyone that is dealing with a drop in cash flow, whether it's from hitting a slow time in your own business or from losing your job...We'll cover some options that you can start right now, to start earning money this week.

Or maybe you're working toward an exciting goal and need to earn more to make it happen without dropping everything else on your plate.

I'll share my thoughts about getting started as a virtual assistant (VA), a copywriter (writing emails and blogs for people), taking your regular business or expertise online, simple design you can do without any fancy software, and proofreading and editing.

You'll also have some ideas on how to get those first few clients without having to spend hours on a fancy website or months building a big audience.

The goal is to get you through some uncertainty and make things a little easier...but who knows! Maybe you'll come out of this whole thing with a shiny new business.

This is a recording from a Live Workshop I ran...

(And it's free!!)

I promise, you can do this 💪

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