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Funnel Overhaul Sessions

When I talk about your SALES AND MARKETING FUNNEL...I mean the whole system, not just one little string of automations and emails.

It's all the things that get the right people the right info at the right time, so they're excited to click "buy now" and then stick around.

If you'd like your business to feel more like that, and less like you have absolutely no idea what to focus on next, you need the  Funnel Overhaul Sessions.

You'll get 1-on-1 time with me to maximize your sales funnel and lead generation (while still loving what you do).

I'll go through a full review of your current systems before we meet. I'll find the leaks, brainstorm where you can double down on what's already working, pinpoint paths forward, and answer any questions you have.

Then we'll set aside 3 hours together to look at your big goals, and make a step-by-step action plan based on our special Seven Layer Sales System, so you can go make magic happen.

Here are the areas we'll dive into together:

stack of seven blue and green rectangles that read (from bottom to top): audience, message, offers, tech and systems, content, connection, iteration, with a title that says

What you'll leave with:

  • Your Quickest Win - What one thing could you implement right away that would make an impact? We'll outline what to do and pick a date to get it done.
  • Your Roadmap - Step by step, we'll lay out what to focus on in each funnel layer, so you do things in an order that makes everything easier and more effective. From content strategy to tech recommendations, you'll have everything you need to get to work.
  • A Big Idea - Sometimes it's about crazy big leaps. We'll find the one thing you wouldn't have thought of trying that could make a world of difference. We're focused on building you a platform to take your movement out into the world.
  • A Transcript and a Recording - You'll be able to search our session for keywords, rewatch the whole thing, pull out bits to make awesome content, and more.
  • My Work Number - And email. And Volley username (it's like Voxer, but better). My team and I are here for whatever questions, reviews, and idea bouncing you need over the next 30 days as you make it happen. (That includes helping you solve tech headaches!)

Then we'll check in every week to make sure you're doing well! I used to be a teacher. I can make sure you're getting things done ;)

Finally, we'll regroup at the end of the 30 days for a Breakdown Session, where we go through your progress, answer your questions, and tweak your Action Plan as you keep everything moving forward.


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This is a custom package. We can get you momentum whether you're just getting started or if you've been doing this a while.

BUT -- an audience and a verified product will do wonders for the speed of your growth and ROI. 


PS - The strategies and advice you get in the FOS are exactly what you'd hear from me if we were doing tens of thousands of dollars worth of work on your funnel ourselves.

It's based on outlining big-time, get-things-powered-up kinds of moves. I love this stuff, I believe in it, and I know that our tech and content strategies paired with your brilliance and motivation you're are going to go do big things in the world.

If you need to talk through whether or not this is right for you and your business right now, just email me at ... we'll figure it out together!

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This is a personalized 1-on-1 service and carries a guarantee that you'll get my full effort and attention on you and your business. But the impact is up to you! There are no money or income guarantees and no refunds on this product. 

During the Funnel Overhaul Session, we review your process and strategy. It DOES include reviews of sales pages and landing pages. It does NOT include full copy reviews of all emails in sequences, just the flow of the sequences themselves and overall topics. I'm happy to do copy reviews though, just let me know and we'll set it up as an add-on session!


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