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Pricing and Packaging for Profit

Whether you're launching new products, have a whole round of offers, or are just starting out, you need to take the time to get your pricing right. 

Why? Because how your cash flow lines up with your outgoing time and costs is what determines how much your business grows and how long you can work in it and be happy.

You need profit.

The fastest way to sabotage your business is to run yourself ragged undercharging or over-delivering. But if you work out intentional, profitable, and clear pricing before you write your next email or talk to the next potential client, that won't happen! You can be prepared, confident, and clear about how you can help them, why it's a great value, and how it gives them what they need right now.


I've created a set of spreadsheets that automatically calculate the numbers you need (really!!) to make sure you're building a business that fits into your life and works the way you want it to work while driving a real profit.

That means we'll:

  • Map out how much you want to work and how much flexibility and time off you need to work into your schedule.
  • Figure out your goals for selling and for how much you'll take home this year.
  • Walk-through exactly how to use the three pricing calculators.
  • Look at how to pull together a quick estimate for a package deal or custom client job.
  • How to break down payment plans your way.
  • And what being "affordable" really looks like for you and your business.

You'll have everything you need to dive and in get new pricing in just an hour or two. Let's get started!

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