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Better Welcome Sequences Workshop

If you've dipped your toe into email marketing, you know how valuable an audience that loves what you do (and can't wait to buy) is. Gotta get that community growing and flowing, right? It's everything!

But *still* one of the biggest mistakes I see people make is putting all their time, money, and effort into adding more and more people to their list, without doing the work to actually build a relationship.

In Better Welcome Sequences, we're going to cover everything you need get their attention, make a connection, and have them turn into paying customers.

We'll go over what to write so your emails sound human and authentic, how to get compelling calls-to-action in an automated message, and any and all questions you have about the tech robots pulling the levers behind the scenes. 

This is what you need to finally get that list building funnel up and running, don't miss out!

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How are we doing this?

We're going to tease out all the stories, advice, and general awesomeness that your customers love about you. We'll tackle everything you need to know and do to build a welcome sequence that brings people into your world, serves them where they are, and gets them raring to click the "buy" button.

The problem is that knowing what exactly that looks like is tricky. 

  • What the heck do you write about for all those emails?
  • How many emails do you need?
  • How many calls to action or sales pitches should you put in the emails? (And how do you make them convincing without sounding weird?)
  • Is there really a way to automate this without sounding like a boring robot?
  • What is all of this tech and how do I figure this out between all of my client work, social media posting, and general life and business to dos?

If you're currently winging your email marketing or haven't done this before at all, you're probably feeling a little lost. It all looks rather overwhelming.

And sure, it may work, but would it really work for you?

Yes!! You can and should make this happen in your business.

Because it lets you take what you know about people (from the sign up process) and serve them, without being limited by what's on your calendar that day. When they're ready, you appear...bringing value and opportunity with you. And isn't that the best kind of customer service?

This is something you'll be able to use over and over again, as you launch new offers, land new publicity, and generally go about being awesome and growing your business.

Still not sure this is what you need? Take a peek at the first module to see my Welcome Sequence Checklist and see how your current system measures up. 

Then, if you like the sound of having my help to check off every one of those little boxes, I'll see you on the inside -->

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**The next LIVE cohort version of the workshop starts November 28th, 2022!**

Get all the info, templates, and tech help you need to check this off your to-do list, once and for all. 

- PLUS -

As a Bonus:

You get a full free month of live support from me and my team in the Muchology Lab with this cohort!

(And I mean live...regular co-working, accountability, feedback on your work and your writing, everything you need to make sure you feel totally confident making this happen.)


November 28th: First new resources and lessons drop

November 30th: Live version of the training sessions at 11am and 3pm EST (**these are identical, pick what works for your schedule**)


PS - Want the Quiz for your Biz workshop AND Better Welcome Sequences? You get this exact BWS cohort as a bonus with a spot in head over that way for an awesome 2-in-1 that makes the marketing tech magic happen.

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