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Build Your Own App (No Coding!)

Wouldn't it be nice if you could put your knowledge, service, or amazing community into an app built just for you and your crew?

Social media, networking, email marketing, and ads can all be great (sometimes exhausting) avenues to bring in new leads or stay top of mind. They're not full business models, though. They're not even full marketing strategies.

So how can you build something that's easily accessible for your audience and provides tons of value? With an app!

It's your own space to work and connect without endless scrolling or guessing at algorithm secrets. Create a bank of content, set up toolkits, build the custom workflows you always wished existed, and generally make your world a bit less noisy for your community.

Launching an app used to take 6+ months and tens of thousands of dollars.

If you didn't already have a ton of cash flow, years of experience coding, or access to lots of funding, it wasn't going to happen. Custom apps were end results, not early growth tools.

But with the no-code builders out there now, you can launch one in just a couple of months!

Use it to give unmatched support for your clients, to create a killer lead gen strategy, or even launch a completely new income stream. We'll cover all the strategy, tech, and marketing you need to make it happen.

Build Your Own App: 8-Week Outline

Week 1: Mapping out your app

  • Outline what kind of app you want to build and how it will fit your business model
  • Complete market research and customer interviews
  • Review possible monetization options and find a pricing strategy that works, if you plan to charge
  • Create a simple roadmap for an MVP (minimum viable product) that's launch ready

Week 2: Picking a builder

  • Identify the features you want in the app and what kinds of integrations it has to have to fit your current tech stack.
  • An intro to the top tools that are affordable and powerful no-code app builders (Bubble, Adalo, Glide, and a few others)
  • Use your app outline to pick a tool that's best for your business
  • Create an account and get it set up to start building

Weeks 3-6: Building your app

  • Branding and design principles to keep your app looking polished
  • Strategies for landing pages, dashboards, and more to make sure your app is as user-friendly and high-quality as possible
  • Database plans to make sure your app can complete the workflows, calculations, and notifications it needs to for each user
  • Lots of tech help, co-working time, and brainstorming to make sure you never stay stuck

Week 7: Testing and final touches

  • Review the app and workflows yourself and get feedback from me and your cohort peers
  • Review your features list and products/offers to make sure everything is ready and accounted for
  • Identify any value-add opportunities or tweaks that could make things even better

Week 8: Launch marketing strategy

  • Use my custom Mini-Launch Formula to plan a beta launch for your app
  • I'll personally help you create a landing page (plenty of copywriting templates and private copy feedback!)
  • Write your content for your sales posts and emails, onboarding emails, and other follow-ups (also lots of templates and copy feedback)
  • Brainstorm possible partnerships, special offers, and other unique ideas to give your launch a boost

When Week 8 is done, you'll have an app that's LIVE and ready for paying users. 

Plus, you'll have a full third month of access to the cohort community so you can ask questions, share what's working, and generally have lots of support and accountability as you keep up growing your app and business.

This is designed so you'll have every piece of tech and marketing needed to launch your new app. It can seem like an overwhelming project, but it breaks down into very manageable steps. We'll go through them together.

So if you'd love an app that brings in consistent income or leads but would rather not spend forever on Youtube rabbit holes and endless help forum searches as you try to sort through the whole process alone...come join us!

How my cohort structure works:

  • All of the training will be pre-recorded and released for the week. That way you can watch on your own time and at your own pace.
  • There will be transcripts, worksheets, visuals, and more to support lots of learning styles and ideas.
  • We'll have two live group sessions a week to go through questions you have on the content and brainstorm together. If you want to mark out that time as a way to make sure you get to watch the recordings, that works, too!
  • There's an asynch group where you can post questions and thoughts, get support, and keep moving each day. You also can message me anytime on that platform.
  • I'll check in with you privately every week to make sure you're feeling good about your app and give some positive accountability as we go (always optional and adjustable to make it work for you!)

Know your project needs a bit more?

There are three 1:1 spots if you want extra strategy and support. You'll have full access to the group, plus weekly 1:1 calls where we'll walk through your market research, branding, content, pricing, launch plans, and more. Or if you want to use a call for us to buckle down and work, I'll tackle copy, tech build out, you name it. Think of me as your on-call CMO, but without having to budget the salary or benefits!

Early Bird Pricing

Already know you want an app and want to make sure you don't miss this round?

You'll save $400 and you'll get a bonus 1:1 strategy call with me in November or December (worth $299).

We can talk about your current marketing, look at what you can do to get ready for the cohort, review a landing page or pitch deck, or anything else you need. I want you to close out 2022 strong and kick off our cohort in January with some big wins!

EARLY BIRD PRICING FOR COHORT: $845 (payments available)


After October 31st, the cohort price will go up to $1245 and the 1:1 call will go away! The 1:1 spots will go up to $4495.

Real support focused on results that matter to you.

I used to be a teacher. I've spent the last 10+ years working with tech platforms, creating marketing strategies and content, building sales funnels, and managing launches. I've built my own no-code apps and a few for clients, including web3 platforms.

This stuff is what I love and I believe in making learning and launching fit the person, not the other way around. I'll always find a way to make sure you have what you need to learn what you need to know, get each step done without stressing, and feel great about the end result!

I'd love to have you there!

Quick FAQs:

  • What if I'm not super techy? - Not a problem! If you can use Google docs, email formatting, or other typical internet things, you'll get the rest while we work together. Promise! And there are weekly Tech Help Desk sessions in the Muchology group.
  • What if I really hate tech, though? - Probably not your thing...if you build an app, you'll need to be excited to work in it and on it over the years to update features and serve your crew. However, another option could be to pay for your employee, college-aged neighbor, or favorite freelancer to come learn and build for you! Just know everything's better when you have a basic knowledge of how to login and use your own systems and remember to budget to pay for their time. (If you want to both come, let me know and we'll set up a lower buddy price.)
  • What if I'm pretty advanced at tech? If you're a Wordpress pro or spend your days flying around Hubspot, Clickup, Figma, or other platforms, that's great! You'll find the building weeks easier because of it and you'll still get loads of value as you learn a new tool. Plus, we'll be pairing a ton of business and marketing strategy with the tech, and you'll get all the impact of setting aside time and energy to get deep work done with other makers in a group setting.
  • Can I send one of my employees? - Yes! What a cool skill to provide your team member and have in-house. I do encourage you make sure they're getting compensated for their work beyond the course fee, especially if the app they build is one you'll maintain ownership of when it's done. See previous question for more details and let me know if you need a buddy spot!
  • Do I have to already have a business? - Nope, not at all. Adding an app to an already existing business is a great option, but not required! You could launch an app you've always wished existed or put together a system for the local brick and mortar you've been planning to open for years. 
  • Can I come learn so I can go be a freelancer who builds custom apps or get a new job? - Hey, sure! More people in tech is always a good thing and there is GOOD money in this skillset, often $90-200/hr or $10,000+ projects. There's even a market for building an app business and selling it 3-6 months later. Tell me your big goals, because I'll have extra thoughts and advice for you and I always like to have new freelancers to recommend.
  • Can my kid take this course? - Maybe? I'd say it's a 16 and up level, or younger if they've shown some skills in tech platforms before. If that's a stretch, make sure to connect anyway. I offer kid classes and will do an app-focused one soon. Or come together! It would be a cool thing to learn as a team. (No extra charge for adult/kid pairs, but only one project please.)
  • How much should I budget to keep the app running and online? - It really depends on what you need. There are options to get things up and running between $30-80 a month. If you have massive or specialized tech needs, it may be more. We'll make sure your plan is possible and has a clear path to profitability before you dive in to a particular app idea.
  • Can I make tons of money with my new app right away? - If you already have an audience and a pipeline that converts well, definitely. But apps don't sell themselves...they're tools, not magic. (Although it can feel close, sometimes!) You'll need to market this, and that takes time and focus. Luckily, we'll go over that :) Just come expecting to put in the work as a business owner with something new and amazing to sell.

If you have any other questions, you can always reach out. But most of all...don't let the newness of everything or worries about whether you're up for it stop you.

That part's my job and I'm good at it 😊

If you want an app, and you want to learn, and you'll work with me, that's all I need to know.

So. Ready to launch your app?

NOTE: This is a high-touch cohort. There will only be 12 group spots for this round. There will only be three 1:1 spots.

I wouldn't be surprised if the spots are gone before Early Bird Pricing is! I'll run it again, but likely late 2023 at the earliest...grab a spot if you know you want to launch before 2024.


Not sure if your app idea is doable? Have a question about the cohort or the 1:1 spots? Send me an email at or grab a quick call and we can chat :)

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