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The Muchology Lab

Muchology helps you put the "muchness" back in your message, build a marketing strategy that works for you, and get your work out to the world.

You'll find a community of other founders, creatives, and business owners, workshops, resources, our live Tech Help Desk sessions, and encouraging accountability and feedback when you need it.

You'll have a personal coach checking in with you and full access to daily co-creation work sessions (you can come to as many or as few as you'd like) to help you find the time and systems that work for you, your brain, and your business.

Plus - You'll work 1-on-1 with Christen to create a custom outline of how to build a marketing plan and business toolkit that works with you and your brain.


This is your tool kit, workspace, support team, and coach, all rolled into one.


This is designed to finally build systems that are specific to you and how you want to show up in your business each day. In fact, there are four special tracks every member gets to pick from for specialized content on top of the core system:

  • Creatives and Solopreneurs
  • Founders and Entrepreneurs
  • In-house Team Members
  • Freelancers and Service Providers

No cookie cutter methods, only-once-a-month Q&As, or generic checklists to add to the dusty collection in your download folder.

You'll get all the tools and resources I've built over 15+ years of teaching, coaching, and building my own businesses.

(And if what you need isn't in there, we'll make it.)

How it Works:

  • A personal accountability coach who checks in every day supports, troubleshoots, and cheers you on. (You can always lower the frequency, if it's better for you!)
  • A library of marketing and tech how-tos and trainings and the ability to make special requests.
  • A private group channel to ask me questions, work out strategy, and talk about your progress with other Lab members.
  • A thorough and custom onboarding process, including personal strengths, goals, supports and tools, a clear roadmap, and a full tech stack review.
  • Private access to *daily co-working sessions*, tech support, and regular marketing strategy and training sessions.

I promise: There's a way to get what's in your head out into reality, and it doesn't have to feel like you're sacrificing yourself or your creativity to do it. 

We can sort your next steps, whether it's launching, fundraising, or scaling, and make progress feel managable again.

Grab your spot and let's get started!

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